Juan Ana Coffee

from San Lucas Tolimán

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Everyone is involved in picking coffee beans. Youngsters pick a little, and play a lot..

Dark red outer hulls are removed from the beans and recycled into the volcanic soil.

Washed raw coffee beans are the result of the process after the cleaning and dehulling.

Beans are spread out for drying in the sun.

Delivery of their cash crop helps families who grow coffee to move toward economic independence.

Six hundred pounds of coffee beans picked from the trees are reduced to a hundred pounds of green coffee ready to roast.

The story

Land for the land-less is one of the most important efforts made in the integral human development program in San Lucas Toliman. It makes available to a farming people what is vital to their lives - land on which to produce their own basic food. It also gives them an opportunity to raise a cash crop of high quality to meet other human needs.

Juan-Ana Coffee is the high quality crop that the people of San Lucas can produce and make available on the world free market.

"We work our land together as a family because now this land is ours..."

Here in San Lucas Toliman we happen to live in a part of the world where conditions are perfect for raising the very best of coffees. We are high in the mountains in the very foothills of the volcanoes Toliman and Atitlan. We are on the shores of the magnificent Lake Atitlan. The soil is volcanic ash rich in organic matter. Our days are warm but nights cool. Perfect altitude, climate, and soil conditions for excellent coffee production.

God has blessed us with all of the conditions necessary to raise wonderful coffee. Now it is up to the farmers to show gratitude by actually producing coffee worthy of the name. These small independent farmers involved in raising this superb coffee have paid the price in learning all necessary for such coffee production. They have worked their years on large coffee plantations. During those years, they have learned to select the seed for planting techniques on the mountainside fields and care for growing trees. They have learned proper weed composting procedures and the exact steps for shade control. They have taken what they have painstakingly learned and upgraded all to another level. They bring pride of ownership to their coffee production. As family they work hard together to bring you the very best coffee available.

"We work our land together as family because now this land is ours. We take pride in what we can produce on our own. We take the care needed to produce only the best!" So speak the Chajil-Yoxon family voicing the thoughts of all of the Juan-Ana coffee producers. "God has blessed us with living in one of the best coffee growing areas in the world. We show our gratitude by working hard to grow, care for, and process the very best coffee there is. We are proud and happy to do just that!"

These farming people do not blend different grades of coffee. They do not add anything to it for different flavors or tastes. That is up to you if you wish to do so. These people just work hard together as a family. With pride they make available to you the very best coffee there is.

Please do enjoy a cup or two of steaming, delicious Juan-Ana coffee!

Coffee produced by families in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala, C.A.

For further information, contact:

Chuck Spaeth
900 Highway 4 South
PO Box 345
Sleepy Eye, MN 56085
Fax: 507-794-3688

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San Lucas Mission
La Parroquia
Depto. Solola 07013
Guatemala, C.A.