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Direct Trade, Direct Impact

Café Juan Ana was founded in 1992 by Fr. Greg Schaffer in response to challenges faced by coffee growers in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala. Fair pay was oftentimes inaccessible, and in some cases, growers received less than half of the market value for their crop. To address this, CaféJuan Ana’s direct trade model was established to pay growers above-market rates for their highest quality, 100% arabica coffee. Access to a predictable income strengthens communities through economic opportunity. By choosing Juan Ana, you are supporting the health, education, and livelihood of Guatemalan growers and their families. Every purchase makes a difference!

The Cafe Juan Ana Gift Packs Are Here!

Give the coffee connoisseur something they’ll love and use – a Cafe Juan Ana Gift Pack! We have many gift packs available. By choosing Juan Ana, you are supporting the health, education, and livelihood of Guatemalan growers and their families. Every purchase makes a difference!

Espresso El Caminante San Lucas

Masterfully roasted and ground by Edy Morales and the San Lucas
Coffee Team, Espresso El Caminante delivers a rich body and
delicious flavor. Cappuccino and latte lovers alike will enjoy the
creamy richness Espresso El Caminante adds to their beverages.
A coffee that lives up to its name, we lend a nod to the legacy of 
Father Greg’s historical walk from Minnesota to Guatemala
through this coffee, and the story is featured on the bag for your
reading pleasure!

Learn more about our Coffee!

Café Juan Ana is produced, roasted, and packaged in San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala. The area’s microclimate, altitude of 5,000-7,000 feet, and soil rich with volcanic ash makes for exceptional growing conditions, leading to exceptional, shade-grown, 100% Arabica coffee.

We offer three roasts, ranging from medium to dark. Our expert team roasts the Regular just past the first “crack” for a smooth, nutty, chocolatey flavor. The Especial is our newest roast, and is a tasty medium-dark option. The Dark is roasted just past the “second crack” for a deep flavor. Our coffee is available in single-serve cups, whole bean, or ground. We also sell green coffee (oro) to roasters!

Coffee Recipes using Espresso El Caminante San Lucas

From Bean to Cup!

Meet Roberto, a Guatemalan Coffee Grower

Edy profile photo cropped

Edy Morales Alvarez

Director of Coffee

Edy’s professional experience in the industry spans over 25 years as an accountant, coffee roaster, green coffee buyer, and educator of all things Café Juan Ana. A native to San Lucas and the son of our previous coffee program director, Edy grew passionate about the program’s ability to buy coffee from small local growers.

Edy has worked closely with Ana cafe, the national organization that
oversees coffee in Guatemala, to provide workshops and learning opportunities for the small growers in the area. He is also part of ‘La Ruta Ecological Del Café’ in the Atitlan Region; a volunteer group of coffee and municipal leaders and national authorities that developed the ‘Ecological Coffee Route’. This initiative creates new jobs, increases revenues, promotes coffee and improves the living conditions for the people around Lake Atitlan.

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